Sunday, April 20, 2014

Stories from the Spring walk

I'm very proud, I made it again.  I'm so proud and happy.  There was a lot of people when we left Sheshashiu but some people turned back home and I think ten of us finished the walk. Three women walked with us from Quebec.   

Some things shocked me.  First, my age—I thought there was going to be a lot of change but nothing much changed, it was almost the same.   I think God or Francis gave me nice weather since we started walking.  Only two days were very, very cold—just two days and then we walked again. My grandchildren finished the walk, Mathiu, Mandeschwu and Roberta.    I took Mishway but he turned back at the big marsh—someone came and said his mom wanted him home, and so he went home.   I’m very happy my grandchildren and the other children walked with me—very , very happy when they walked with me—the young children.   I said "l am a teacher woman.  In nutshimit, I teach the children about our culture and how not to get lost.   I feel like I'm a teacher."   Teachers in Sheshatshiu stay inside where it’s nice and warm to teach the children.   But even if there’s a very cold wind and I’m tired, very tired, I stay and teach the children.  I'm proud of what I'm doing, I hope the children continue and not lose what I'm doing.  I hope they’re going to do it for the young children or my grandchildren.  

I started with the walk on February 18 and finished on March 7.   I was supposed to be finished on March 18, but it went fast.   Then on Sunday morning, we see something!   Angela and Kanani say, “Come on.”   We see a rainbow early in the morning.   It's beautiful—both sides arc a rainbow.  Everybody couldn't believe it!   It was just like Francis showing us how happy he was we made the walk—all my children, my grandchildren, all the other people.  It's just like God or Francis was showing us something beautiful.  It's like he says, “I’m so proud, so happy.”   We stayed there at Pant’s Lake one day.  The next day, on March 10, we came home to Sheshatshiu and I’m very happy the people all helped.  Two boys, as well as Jack, my son, all worked hard.  They put up the tent for me, got some wood and some water, and took the stuff back to get some more stuff.   I'm so happy my son never said, “Mom hurry up.”  He never rushed me.  I’m so happy.  

I was so busy I forgot to call two of my friends, Robin and Jennifer, to tell them somebody organized a big supper.   The judge came and took a lot of pictures.   A lot of people spoke, including Jack, Peter, Utshimau, and the Band Council.  They say how important it is that I’m teaching the children.  Afterwards there was an lnnu dance and a rock-and-roll dance too. Thank you.


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